Atlas das Aves do Arquipélago da Madeira.

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Indigenous Forest (mainly Laurel Forest)

Dominated clearly by indigenous species

Exotic Forest

Dominated clearly by exotic species

Mixed Forest

Without clear dominance of indigenous or exotic species
  H4 Farmland, without strong human presenceAgricultural area, active or recently abandoned, without the marked presence of rural or urban population core
  H5Farmland, nearby forestsStrong presence of agricultural fields, bordered with forestal elements


Farmland, with solid human presence

Rural area where characteristic elements of agricultural landscape can appear, but with a strong human population presence

  H7Mixed low vegetationAreas, not being of high mountain, where vegetation of small scale or low density occur, with clear dominance of indigenous or exotic species
  H8UrbanStrong human presence
  H9Coastal area with human presenceHabitats H4, H5, H6 or H8, where the dominant element is the proximity to the sea or a coastal zone of cliffs
  H10Area with indigenous coastal vegetationCoastal zone without human elements, and with clear dominance of coastal vegetation
  H11Area with non-indigenous coastal vegetation Coastal zone without human elements and with dominance of introduced vegetation
  H12High mountain vegetationHigh zones where the altitude vegetation is characterised by its small scale (heather may be present without being the dominant species)
  H13Heath Forest Zone dominated by heathers
 H14Mixture of high mountain vegetation, heathers and/or exotic forest  High zones, where occur, without clear dominance,  exotic forest and small size altitude vegetation specimens, including heathers
 H15Mountain prairie / meadowHigh mountain areas with bare soils or herbaceous vegetation only

Disturbed area

Area where the vegetation appears with with recent alterations to its structure, due to human (logging, reforestation) or natural interventions (fires, landslides)

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