Atlas das Aves do Arquipélago da Madeira.

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Bird Atlas
A Nature Conservation Project
One of tools available to those whose responsibility is to manage the natural resources is the Atlas methodology.  On the other hand, because of their ecological importance, beauty and prominence Birds are species that draw the attention of the public in general, and besides having a relevant ecological role, they are underrated in social, cultural and economic terms.    
For these reasons the Atlas Team (coordinated by the Serviço do Parque Natural da Madeira) is running a transversal and ambitious project, which is to create the “First Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Madeira Archipelago”.
This project is giving rise to a database about the distribution of Madeira Breeding Birds, which at a later stage might be used in an integrated way in various fields. These fields range from the nature conservation, in its strict sense, to other sectors of socio-economic importance, such as, in the case of our region, the sector of nature tourism.   
Regard the Madeiran breeding birds checklist:
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